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Are You ready to end carb confusion, crush cravings,
& control blood sugars without dieting?

Welcome to the FREE 
7 Day "Sugar Free Lifestyle" Quick Start

Do you ever:

  • Feel confused and frustrated about what to eat to cut sugar, manage blood sugars or stop yo-yo weight gain?

  • Try to cut out sugar, but get overwhelmed by cravings?

  • Find yourself going off-track?

  • Get tired of "dieting"?

  • Or perhaps you are new to all this and don't know where to start to cut sugar and live a sugar free, blood sugar friendly lifestyle.

No matter where  you are in your health journey, your age or gender: If you are ready to spend 7 days learning how to jumpstart a No Sugar Lifestyle with an easy to follow plan to cut sugar in all its forms,


With coaching and support, you will learn how to:

  • get the sugar out,

  • conquer cravings,

  • manage weight & blood sugars, and

  • experience vibrant health

---- one simple success habit at a time

Discover How to Change Your Plate & Prepare Basic Sugar Free foods your Taste Buds & Body Will Love 

  • Become familiar with alternatives for Added Sugar, "Fast Acting Carbs"
    and Natural Sugars

  • Learn what to eat to conquer cravings and end roller-coaster blood sugar levels.

  • Receive coaching support to make small changes today and get positioned to take the next steps to change habits for a lifetime of vibrant health


NEXT Quick Start Date :
Monday, April 17, 2022

Includes Videos, Live Coaching, & Cooking Demos
pes & 7 Day Meal Plan
Get the Sugar Out Workbook, Group Community Support &
Lifetime Access to
Group & All Materials

For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Janet Sanders

I am a Type 2 Diabetic & Certified Health Coach on a mission to help you to move from being confused, frustrated & constantly battling sugar & blood sugar health issues to a Confident Blood Sugar Champion. 
The 7 Day "Sugar Free Lifestyle" Quick Start is designed to KEEP IT SIMPLE!
No crazy recipes or hard to follow food lists. All you need to do is follow along, with guidance and support all along the way. 

And at the end of the 7 Days, you will be ready to LIVE a blood sugar friendly, no sugar lifestyle with set of personal goals to help you stay on track & take the next steps. 


The 7 Day Quick Start is based upon BSC's exclusive 
Break Free From the Blood Sugar Blues Coaching Solution

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WELCOME: Review Getting Started Materials

  • Food Plan/Food List

  • Getting Started Assessment

  • Daily Journal  

  • Commitment Contract

  •  Instructions & Workbook


Day #3: Change Your Plate

  • Crowd Out: Rice, White Potatoes, 

  • Add In: 1 Healthy Protein & 1 Healthy Fat


Day #6: Be Prepared & Snack Smart

  • Crowd Out: Grains & Grain Based Pasta

  • Add In: Snack from Food List or 1 additional  Non-Starchy Vegetable

where are you.jpg

DAY #1: Where Are You?

  • Complete Getting Started Assessment

  • Review Food Plan

water for challenge.jpg

Day #4: Stay Hydrated

  • Crowd Out: Diet Drinks

  • Add In: Water, Tea (Natural Sweeteners & Flavorings)

  • + 30 Minutes of Movement


Day #7: Plan for 2022

  • Re-assess: What changes did you make during the Challenge?

  • Create Your Goal Setting Vision

  • Continue to crowd out and add in the foods from days 2-6


Day #2: Learn How to Eat in Harmony with How Your Body Works

  • Crowd Out: Added Sugar & High Glycemic Fruit

  • Add In: 1 non-starchy vegetable

Holiday Breakfast Guide.jpg

Day 5: Build a Better Breakfast

  • Crowd Out: Grain-Based Flour Products

  • Add In: "Break" Fast choice from Food List



  • Persistence Paid Off, you finished the Challenge.

  • It's time for your "Graduation" --ENJOY!!!

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