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Let Go of Your

Come SinG with Us.!!

Since Spring of 2020, when my journey to recovery began, SINGING has become my personal PASSION.

Singing allows me to express my pain --- 


Turning words into songs enabled me to reflect on the origin of my pain, convert that pain into power and singing has become the source of my JOY.

That is POWER.

If you are in recovery& looking to live a life that you love, I can show you How.

Whatever you believe in, whether it's God, nature, the universe, or something else, when we learn to let go and let that "higher Power" help us...we can begin to turn our Pain into Power. 

All of us have the ability to "recover" from additionc, conquer depression alleviate our Fears & turn our Pain into POWER. One of the most important tools is allowing our voice to be heard.

There are many ways we can do this including:

  • Singing

  • Journaling

  • Writing

  • Painting

  • Praying

  • Speaking & Sharing our Story

Any of these creative outlets allow us to explore and express our pain...We can replace our pain along with our "drug of choice" and let our faith be bigger than our fears.

Having faith that everything is as it is meant to be
& surrendering to whatever higher power we
believe in, can be a challenging
and uncomfortable concept.

With guidance and support you CAN find what you love to do. My mission is helping others who are walking through the fire to find a way OUT.  To empower them to turn their pain into purpose.

If you ready to find your way out, together we can find the source of YOUR joy.

  • When we find what we LOVE to do...we discover our Passion

  • When we help others find the way...we reveal our life's Purpose

  • When we Learn to "let go" & allow Faith to become stronger than Fear we step into our Power

If you want to learn more about
Saints & SinGers Recovery Coaching, Send me a Note below or to my email.
I would love to hear from you!  /  Tel. 123-456-7890

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