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Are You ready to end carb confusion, crush cravings, & control blood sugars without dieting?

. Do you ever:

  • Feel confused and frustrated about what to eat to manage blood sugars or weight?

  • Get overwhelmed by cravings  despite your best efforts?

  • Find yourself going off-track?

  • Get tired of "dieting"?

  • Or perhaps you are new to all this and don't know where to start.

Welcome to the 7 Day
Back on Track Healthy Eating Challenge

No matter where  you are in your health journey, your age or gender:


If you are ready to spend 7 days learning how get back on track with an easy to follow plan, I would like to invite you to take a moment to watch the short video I created to share how you can re-set your food plan to:

  • conquer cravings,

  • manage weight & blood sugars, and

  • experience vibrant health

---- one simple success habit at a time

Challenge Start Date : March 22nd

7 Day Back On Track Healthy Eating Challenge
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For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Janet Sanders
I am a Type 2 Diabetic & Certified Health Coach on a mission to help you to move from being confused, frustrated & constantly battling blood sugar health issues to a Confident Blood Sugar Champion. 
The 7 Day Back on Track Healthy Eating Challenge is designed to KEEP IT SIMPLE!
No crazy recipes or hard to follow food lists. All you need to do is follow along, with guidance and support all along the way.
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The 7 Day Plan

Menu of Services.jpg

WELCOME: Review Getting Started Materials

  • Food Plan/Food List

  • Daily Journal

  • Commitment Contract, Instructions & Workbook


Day #3: Stay Hydrated

Crowd Out: Diet Drinks

Add In: Water, Tea (Natural Sweeteners & Flavorings)

+ 30 Minutes of Movement


Day #6: Stop Night Eating

If needed Add In healthy snack after last meal. (from list)

Stop eating by 8 PM

Add in 1 Stress Buster before bed


DAY #1: Learn How to Eat In Harmony with How Your Body Works

Crowd Out: Added Sugar, High Glycemic Fruit

Add In: 1 non-starchy vegetable

Holiday Breakfast Guide.jpg

Day #4: Build a Better Breakfast

Crowd Out: Grain-Based Flour Products

Add In: "Break" Fast choice from Food List

Yoga sunset.jpg

Day #7: Eat Mindfully

Follow Eat Mindfully Guidelines 

Stop Eating by 8 PM

Add in 1 Stress Buster before bed


Day #2: Change Your Plate

Crowd Out: Rice, White Potatoes, 

Add In: 1 Non-Starchy Vegetable,

1 Healthy Protein &  1 Healthy Fat

easy lunch instagram.jpg

Day 5: Be Prepared & Snack Smart

Crowd Out: Chips, Pasta

Add In: Snack from Food List or 1 additional  Non-Starchy Vegetable



Persistence Paid Off, you finished the Challenge.

It's time for your "Graduation".


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