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Tired of the same old salad, veggies & dip, broiled chicken, steamed broccoli?  Need some inspiration?  Here are some of my favorite blood sugar friendly snacks, meals and side-dishes.  



If fresh edamame is nowhere to be found, no worries—frozen edamame is just as healthy & delicious. And frozen beans have already been cooked and just need to be reheated for 2 to 3 minutes in a pan of boiling water. For a quick snack, shake a little salt over the pods, or dip into  Soy or Ponzu sauce before popping the beans out of the shell to enjoy...


Almond Flour Pancakes

You don't have to give up pancakes. My favorite Paleo mixes (made with almond and/or coconut flour) are Birch Benders or Simple Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix. Try making them as silver dollar pancakes with Lilly's Chocolate Chips for an easy cookie "fix". Or heat some blueberries and sweeten with Nu Naturals Maple flavored liquid stevia for a light compote/syrup..

chinese chicken cashews instagram.jpg

Cashew Chicken Stirfry

No need to order out for Chinese when you can make your own Cashew Chicken in a flash with a little pre-plannIng. Over the weekend roast or grill some chicken and prepare a batch of roasted onions. Then during the week, combine chicken, onions, some steamed broccoli and cashews in a skillet and stir fry with sauce and or seasonings of your choice. For this stir fry, I used Drews Shitake Ginger marinade. (Zero Grams of Sugar)


Mocha Smoothie

Liquid of choice (vanilla or chocolate almond milk is my go to smoothie base) + 1 tbsp raw cacao powder + 1/2 tsp espresso powder + protein powder of choice, + sweetener of choice + ice to thicken (optional, very small piece of banana, and/or tbsp of almond butter)


  Dark Chocolate

Yes! You can enjoy a few squares of low sugar/no sugar dark chocolate. My favorite is Lily's Dark Chocolate. (comes in a variety of flavors, including blood orange)


Falafel & Hummus

Falafels plus hummus make a quick and easy lunch or mid-afternoon snack. When you are feeling like a piece of bread or a cracker, falafels let you "dip" and enjoy the dense satisfying bread sensation without the blood sugar bread rush. Drizzle with tahini sauce for extra decadence.. 


Guilt Free Hot Chocolate

Guilt free hot chocolate could not be easier. Heat Unsweetened almond milk, blend in raw cacao (with a whisk to break up "clumps" and sweeten with liquid stevia product of choice. My new favorite is Nu Naturals Chocolate or Vanilla. For real decadence, make some "ganache" with Lily's dark chocolate (melted chocolate blended with cream ) and blend into the heated almond milk.


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


Cucumber & Salmon

No bagel needed!Smoked salmon + cream cheese on cucumber rounds are an easy, satisfying and delicious snack for brunch, lunch, or anytime. Use a flavored cream cheese (chives, scallions, veggies) for a little extra flavor.


Zucchini Rounds

Ditch the crackers and put your favorite cheese or spread on cucumber rounds.

hummus instagram.jpg

Hummus Platter

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Asparagus Wraps

Grill some asparagus and wrap with prosciutto for a tasty way to enjoy 


Bean Salad

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Flavor Infused Water

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Pepper Strips & Dip

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Avocado Toast

Toasted Sprouted Grain or Paleo Bread + Smashed Avocado sprinkled with lemon + Diced Tomato + Condiments of Choice (Pickled onions, feta cheese, etc.) = Avocado Toast. Easy & satisfying

roasted nuts instagram.jpg

Mixed Nuts

Why eat sugar laden roasted nuts when it is so easy to make this low glycemic version? These are great on top of roasted sweet potatoes or tossed on top of a salad. Or just have a few for a mid-afternoon snack. Ingredients: Pecans + Cashews + Almonds + Brown Rice Syrup + Cinnamon + Cacao + Stevia Blend (oven Roasted)


Avocado with Fresh Lemon

There are so many ways to enjoy avocados. For a fast & easy snack, remove the avocado meat from the shell, lightly smash with a fork, splash with a little lemon + salt, and enjoy.


Apple, Nuts & Cheese

Always try to pair apples with some protein. such as cheese, nuts or nut butters. Satisfies desire for crunch, sweet and satiating fat all in one tasty treat. 

Sweet Potatoes.jpg

Velvety Sweet Potatoes

You don't need sugar to make delicious sweet potatoes.or yams The secret to these creamy "sweets" are a combination of steamed yams, grass fed butter, a little cream, NuNaturals Maple flavored Stevia, and a touch of vanilla, all blended to perfection.


Deviled Eggs

When you get the urge for "creamy"  try one or two deviled eggs.  I take a few hard boiled eggs to work, and when the craving strikes, I slice them in half, scoop out the yolk, mix with some mayo, Dijon mustard, a touch of garlic and salt/pepper to taste, Refill the eggs with the mashed yolk and enjoy a  protein snack with just enough healthy fat to satisfy. .

strawberries on triscuits.jpg

Chocolate Strawberries

Triscuits are my go to cracker. They do contain wheat (so if need gluten free, not a good choice) BUT, no flour. For a sweet treat top with sliced strawberries, on top of a piece of brie, drizzled with melted Lily's Dark Chocolate. Great to put out on a tray for guests with tea or coffee. 


Shrimp Cocktail

No need to say much. If you like shrimp, nothing better than shrimp cocktail for a satisfying snack full of protein. As shown here use them as a "garnish" for mock "Bloody Marys" .and get your "veggies" too!


Very Berry Smoothie

The basic recipe for a delicious, filling, low sugar smoothie is Liquid + Protein/Fiber + Low Glycemic Fruit/Veggies + Thickener + Flavorings/Other Nutrients. The ingredients in this Super Berry Smoothie include Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Vanilla Protein Powder, Almond butter, Frozen Wild Blueberries, Frozen Acai Berry Puree, vanilla Stevia drops, & Ice Cubes to thicken

blueberry muffin.jpg

Almond Flour Muffin

Muffins don't have to be off limits. Try almond or coconut flour to bake up a batch of blueberry muffins.


Artichoke Antipasto

Go Mediterranean with a plate of Artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and olives.


Apples & Peanut Butter

Kids (and adults) will love apple rings with peanut butter and blueberries!

sweet potatoes instagram.jpg

Roasted Butternut Squash

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Squash Soup

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Low Sugar Truffles

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pumpkin seed mix instagram.jpg

Pumpkin Seed Mix

When I get a cookie craving, this is my go to pumpkin seed snack mix, with very low natural sugars and just enough crunch. I often change it up - the pictured version includes mixed nuts + roasted tamari/lime pumpkin seeds + goji berries + Lillys stevia sweetened chocolate chips + Kashi sprouted grain cereal.


Cucumber Salad

Craving crunch? Zingy sliced cucumbers fit the bill & super easy/fast to make. Cucumbers + Radishes + Rice Vinegar + Braggs + Mirin. Use a hand held mandoline for quick slicing. I make a batch on Sunday and keep in fridge for side dish or snacking...

Avocado Salad

Avocado Salad

Start with some cubed avocado, splash with some lemon and/or lime, some seasonings of choice plus some greens. For a splash of color and "bite" garnish with sliced red onions marinated in white balsamic or rice vinegar. 


Lemon Lime Spritzer

I really don't like plain water. But add some lemon and lime to carbonated water, with a touch of flavored stevia, and voila, delicious, hydrating "lemon-lime spritzer"



Filling and a good source of healthy fat, enjoy a few olives with some nuts and sparkling water for a sophisticated afternoon snack.



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Strawberry Smoothie

Mix up the "Very Berry Smoothie" by substituting strawberries for the blueberries. Get more smoothie recipes in our FREE ebook "30+ Surefire Recipes & Tips to Beat the Blood Sugar Blues"

cannoli triscuits.jpg

Cannoli Triscuits

Who does not love cannoli filling. Just mix some Vanilla & Sweetener of choice ( I use Liquid Vanilla Stevia) into Whole milk or Part Skim Ricotta. If desired, add some Vanilla Whey Powder. And don't forget the Lilly's chocolate chips!!


Cherry Tomatoes

Easiest snack ever. Enjoy cherry tomatoes plain, with hummus or your favorite dip.

Sweet Veg tea 2.jpg

Sweet Vegetable Tea

An alternative to bone broth, sweet vegetable tea helps with cravings and is a filling, relaxing hot beverage to enjoy anytime. You can find the recipe in our Blog.

Zucchini Rolls

Zucchini Rolls

Grilled Zucchini sliced longways + flavored cream cheese + sliced peppers = Zucchini rolls. Tie with scallion or use toothpick. Easy and delicious. Have a George Forman Grill?  (you can grill up in minutes, no muss or fuss)

onions instagram.jpg

Caramelized Onions

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Quinoa Salad

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Yogurt Parfait

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Lunch doesn't necessarily mean a sandwich. Ditch the bread and try a Mediterranean Lunch that is easy to put together, satisfying & delicious. I have this at least once a week and change it up with different veggies and dips. Avocado & olives add healthy fats and help you feel satisfied.

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