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Get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest growing areas in Health Care:

Blood Sugar & Diabetes Coaching with a state of the art, fully on-line, mobile ready coaching program that is changing people lives. 

And earn 100% Commission by giving people struggling with sugar, weight, diabetes (or pre-diabetes), the tools they need to be kick sugar.

WHY 100% Commission: Because people are struggling and our mission is to get this much needed program into the hands of as many people as possible as quickly as possible. So, if helping others and adding income is on your radar, this is a great opportunity.

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My name is Janet Sanders. I am an  Integrative Nutrition Certified Health & Diabetes Coach, and I'm extremely excited to see you on this page!


I want to invite you to join my newest launch that not only pays great, but is going to help millions of people around the world get rid of the sugar blues.


Together we are putting a major dent in the diabetes and obesity epidemic.


In this JV partner page and page links, you will find all the information you may need, including,  product description, sales page review and actual sales page, commission structure, email swipes, banner ads, review course access, and affiliate sign up details.


The Product:

Live the Sweet Life (without all the Sugar)

[21 Day Coaching Program]

The Live the Sweet Life (without all the Sugar)  challenge, is a step-by-step program that show participants how to stop struggling with sugar for good.....As they


As participants challenge themselves to complete all of the module tasks, they are cutting back on sugar, improving their health, and gaining confidence in their ability to live a low sugar lifestyle.

Participants recieve 3 mobile ready coaching modules presented using videos, audios and other coaching materials.


We deliver the program via the easy to use product, Kajabi Next.


Each module is  mobile ready for total flexibility and is jam packed with practical coaching and action steps that guide users through the modules.

Here's What My Coaching Clients are Saying:

Janet's  coaching program turned my life around. I finally found a sensible eating program that has subdued my lifelong sugar cravings.


Learning about food nutrition, especially how simple carbohydrates wreak havoc on the body was most valuable to me.


I highly recommend this program."





Participating in Janet's coaching program has been a Godsend. The modules are informative and practical.


My blood sugars are now under control, and with guidance on how to make better food choices I don't miss the foods that I use to eat.


The coaching and support I received from Janet has made all the difference.



What's Inside:



Trade in "Added Sugar" for Delicious Foods Your Tastebuds & Body Will Love

Participants learn:

How to find and eliminate added sugars that are ruining their health, including: the secrets to stopping the vicious cycle of high blood sugars, cravings, and constant hunger caused by an onslaught of daily added sugar.  

How to crush cravings with delicious foods that taste great without added sugar I show participants how to use alternative sweeteners to create amazing dishes that won't send their blood sugars soaring. 

How to lose weight without dieting.  Participants will stop putting on unwanted pounds, and end the worrying, counting, weighing, and measuring that comes with the "diet" lifestyle.

How to get their energy back.  Without all those highs and lows participants will feel focused, alert and experience the best health of their life.


Eliminate "Hidden Sugars" & Experience How Awesome It Feels Without Them

Participants learn:

How to Reduce Hidden Sugars without feeling deprived or constantly hungry.  Substituting foods that don't cause sugar spikes will help participants stay energized and focused all day long. 

How to make meals, snacks and desserts that make your tastebuds really happy.  I am going to teach participants how to satisfy their natural desire for sweet taste with feel good foods that are delicious so that participants can eat without guilt and anxiety while enjoying foods that don't don't fuel sugar cravings.

How to blast belly fat and improve their  health with every inch they lose. Without all the incoming sugar, the pounds and inches will peel away.


Limit Natural Sugars for the Best Health of Your Life

Participants will learn:

How natural sugars affect your overall health, and how to cut back to feel more secure about your future. You can fight insulin resistance, improve your triglyceride levels and improve cardiac health all by reducing one natural sugar. 

How to enjoy fruit and other natural sugars in a way that promotes stable blood sugars. When you stop overdoing natural sugars, stubborn pounds and inches will disappear, cravings will diminish and you will feel ecstatic that you never have to "diet" again.


BONUS #1   ($75 Value)                  


The Beat the Blood Sugar Blues ebook

PLUS! Resource & Recipe Guide


This is my conquer the blood sugar blues bible,

with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you

need to know to live a sugar free lifestyle AND

have your weight and blood sugars under control

today, and for a lifetime.


  • A complete 8 Step Program for Conquering
    Diabetes, Pre-diabertes, and other blood sugar
    health issues

  • The science behind sugar cravings & high blood sugars

  • Tips and Recipes for beating the blood sugar blues

  • How to beat emotional and stress eating

  • Kitchen Pantry Makeover and Shopping Guides


With this course PLUS! my e-book PLUS my Resource 

and Recipe Guide, participants will be well on their way to

the best health of their life. 


MP3's of the videos


Priority Client Support


Interactive Comments Section



Private members area


If you want to get a review copy of the entire coaching program

please contact me!


You can use the review copy of the program to

  •  Learn more about the coaching program


  • Brainstorm ways of making it available to your list


  • Confirm whether this is a good for for your list and to identify prospects


  • Create a video review explaining how the program works to your list.



 Commission & Product Cost

Clients get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire "Live the Sweet Life (without all the sugar)" program  an investment of $27.



Diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and related chronic diseases are on the rise all around the world, and my goal is to provide Convenient, Affordable & Sustainable coaching solutions to as many people who need it.


I created this program for the millions of people who are still struggling with sugar,

still stuck, and unsure of the next steps to take.


And, this year I am on a mission to change more lives than ever before.

The $27 price includes EVERYTHING.  There's no recurring payments.  No Strings Attached. Plus my 100% Guarantee.

You can feel totally confident offering this high quality coaching program that is fully backed up with my  easy, unconditional, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, a participant feels that the Live the Sweet Life (without all the sugar) program, PLUS! the bonuses does not help them get a better handle on cutting back on sugar I will send them back their $27, no questions asked.

Question for ALEX: who  pays the client the $27 if they request a refund??

Question for ALEX:Do we need upsells downsells to launch?? 


E-Mail Swipes

Let me know if you need anything at all, I am here to help!!


Janet Sanders

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