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Thank You for Joining the 7 Day Sugar Free Lifestyle Quick Start

Your Welcome e-mail is on its way. It will contain the link you need to complete your registration (including making your $27 payment) and to gain immediate access to the Quick Start and all of the materials.

If you do not receive your e-mail, please let us know by contacting us at

The Next Challenge begins on Monday, February 20th

 The Welcome section will provide you with an overview of the Quick Start activities and the foods that we will be eating over the course of the challenge. This includes access to the following:

  • the Quick Start WORKBOOK/DAILY JOURNAL that includes instructions for the challenge and the

  • the BSC Food Guide that will the basis for the foods that we will be "crowding out" and Adding in during the challenge.

  • the 7 Day Meal Plan, with ideas for recipes and what to eat during the Challenge

As a thank you for joining us, below is a link to our growing Recipe Collection, with all sorts of ideas to get started and keep going with your sugar free lifestyle.

I have set up a calendar for you to schedule a 30 minute Welcome Call, so that we can go over your questions, your getting started assessment and tips for preparing for the Challenge. This is the most optimum way to hit the ground running, and I look forward to speaking with you, to help you get off to a great start.

Everything in the FREE 7 Day Quick Start is based upon BSC's exclusive Break Free From the Blood Sugar Blues Coaching Solution

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WELCOME: Review Getting Started Materials

  • Food Plan/Food List

  • Getting Started Assessment

  • Daily Journal  

  • Commitment Contract

  •  Instructions & Workbook


Day #3: Change Your Plate

  • Crowd Out: Rice, White Potatoes, 

  • Add In: 1 Healthy Protein & 1 Healthy Fat


Day #6: Be Prepared & Snack Smart

  • Crowd Out: Grains & Grain Based Pasta

  • Add In: Snack from Food List or 1 additional  Non-Starchy Vegetable

where are you.jpg

DAY #1: Where Are You?

  • Complete Getting Started Assessment

  • Review Food Plan

water for challenge.jpg

Day #4: Stay Hydrated

  • Crowd Out: Diet Drinks

  • Add In: Water, Tea (Natural Sweeteners & Flavorings)

  • + 30 Minutes of Movement


Day #7: Plan for 2023

  • Re-assess: What changes did you make during the Challenge?

  • Create Your Goal Setting Vision

  • Continue to crowd out and add in the foods from days 2-6


Day #2: Learn How to Eat in Harmony with How Your Body Works

  • Crowd Out: Added Sugar High Glycemic Fruit

  • Add In: 1 non-starchy vegetable

Holiday Breakfast Guide.jpg

Day 5: Build a Better Breakfast

  • Crowd Out: Grain-Based Flour Products

  • Add In: "Break" Fast choice from Food List



  • Persistence Paid Off, you finished the Challenge.

  • It's time for your "Graduation" --ENJOY!!!

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