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Hi Guys! Joe Here. I will let you in on a secret.  I'm Type 2, but I still love to eat. I bet you do too. In fact, I love sweets and I was really worried that I would never be able to get my sweet tooth AND get my blood sugars under control.


Janet showed me how to enjoy "treats" and still add vegetables and other healthy foods to my daily food plan. With guidance from both my doctor and Janet, my blood sugars came back into normal range and I started to feel like myself again.


So for all you guys that thought the "fun" is over, the good news is that Janet is really creative when it comes to making and sharing about food that is delicious and fun to eat. And I am always here to help you stay on track.  

Welcome to BSC! Looking forward to "seeing you on the inside"

Blood Sugar Central is like no other coaching site out there. If  you need to turn your blood sugars around, you are in the right place. The courses and all of the materials are great and I promise, it is very affordable and there are no "gotchas".  If you want to stop your membership, it is easy, , you are totally in charge. 
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