The Birth of Blood Sugar Central

Much has happened since I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2001, became a Certified Health Coach and wrote the original Diabetes Coach Approach Workbook, (which I have now updated to “Beat the Blood Sugar Blues) On a personal level, I have lived with Type 2 diabetes for over 17 years, with many ups and downs and blood sugar highs and lows. Like many of you, I have had times when the stresses of everyday life threatened my ability to maintain normal blood sugars, but because I had a strong program in place, I am happy to say that I made it through.


New medications have been introduced to help manage blood sugars. Some of these drugs are promising, although most still have unwanted side effects. There have been hundreds of new books, seminars, and programs claiming to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. What is interesting is that while there are a number of areas where the medical community and experts agree, there are just as many where there is disagreement, especially when it comes to what to eat.

From moderate approaches that include meat-based protein, whole grains and sugar (in moderation) to totally vegan programs and diets that “forbid” sugar, or grains in any form there is generally no consensus on what to eat. The truth is that every approach for managing diabetes can point to success stories. Unfortunately, there are also millions of people around the world who have tried and are unable to stick with their “diet” of choice for the long term. And, since I first wrote this book, the diabetes and pre-diabetes statistics are getting worse, not better.


So why did I create Blood Sugar Central?

There is an Answer 

FIRST: I am more convinced than ever that there is an answer to managing blood sugars, but fad diets and pills or books giving you you more information without telling you how to take action are not the answer.

Side effects aside, when it comes to Type 2 Diabetes, oral medications are Band-Aids that without lifestyle changes usually stop working. Even insulin is not a magic bullet if you are still eating foods that don’t support blood sugar management for the long term.

With diabetes and pre-diabetes on the rise, experts continue to churn out “diet prescriptions” and the public grabs onto each new diet book hoping that this will be the one that works. Sadly, the majority of dieters get tired of counting, measuring, trying to fit their lifestyle to a rigid menu and feeling deprived. Inevitably, most people quit. For anyone who is an emotional or stress eater, diet plans alone are almost guaranteed to fail.

My goal is to help you ditch the diet mentality and to teach you how to achieve your own blood sugar breakthrough. In short I am going to tell you WHAT you need to do, then I am going to teach you HOW to get rid of the roadblocks keeping you stuck so that you can make the changes needed.

I promise you that figuring out what to eat doesn’t have to be so complicated or hard to maintain. That is why I have re-tooled my food plan section to introduce a plan designed to make it even easier for you choose what to eat for good blood sugar control - even on days when life seems to get in the way. Inside our Coaching Community you will find tools and tips that combined with the knowledge of how your body works will let you rely less on experts and more on self-knowledge of what works best for you. It is a self-empowering plan that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Learning What to Eat

SECOND, after years of researching the many diabetes food plans, my viewpoints have evolved, when it comes to choosing what to eat.

While I still don’t believe in “forbidding” any particular food, I am convinced that if you are serious about conquering pre-diabetes and diabetes for the long term, eliminating sugar (in all its forms at least 99% of the time) and grain based flour is essential. Likewise, limiting intake of most grains will support blood sugar control and the elimination of cravings. And, this is especially true for stress or emotional eaters.

Many of my clients are very resistant to this idea, I get it. But, I encourage you to give it a chance. I am going to teach you how to “major” in vegetables, “minor” in healthy proteins of your choice (depending upon whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or carnivore) and how to choose a variety of “electives” such as breads that do not contain grain-based flour, healthy fats and oils, sugar alternatives, and low glycemic fruits, that will help you stay satisfied and on track.

As a member of our coaching community, you will learn how to make wise choices so that the very occasional detour does not ruin your health or send you back to square one. Most importantly,, you will learn how to make better choices coming from a place of empowerment as opposed to externally imposed rules that eventually get broken.

One of the critical keys to success is finding substitutions and learning how to use 10% of your food choices to keep you feeling liberated from cravings and extreme blood sugar highs and lows. My coaching program will provide you with the information you need to create a food plan that works for you.

Some things have not changed

Over 12 years ago an article in the New York Times referred to diabetes as an epidemic “quietly taking its toll.” Unfortunately, the one thing that has not changed is that there are still millions of people in America and around the world who struggle every day to battle pre-diabetes and diabetes. And unfortunately, the numbers keep rising.

The number of people affected is probably even higher than the statistics indicate because many people don’t realize that you don’t have to be diabetic to experience blood sugar issues that can have a damaging effect on your body.


In fact, today there is a whole new term to describe this phenomenon.

It’s called diabesity – which describes the physical symptoms that mark the progression from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes.


And so, Blood Sugar Central is dedicated to the millions of people all along the “diabetes progression spectrum” in the hope that they will heed the advice of experts who agree that with changes in lifestyle they can avoid becoming another statistic.   

Join Us

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, have insulin resistance or have a friend or loved one with a blood sugar health issue,  I invite you  to take this opportunity to learn about diabetes and to begin a program of self-care. Take a walk. Eat more vegetables. Don’t settle for foods that harm you or your family. Get the coaching, education and support you need to experience long term success.

If you are a member of the healthcare community, I strongly encourage you to embrace the notion that many patients want to participate in their own healing, and that given the right tools and support they will seek a path towards a better life. Explore different approaches, including inviting health and diabetes coaches to participate in the healing process both as support for your patients and as partners and allies in reaching a common goal: better health for patients and society as a whole.

One thing that still holds true over a decade later, “One small step at a time, together we can turn the tide”.