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As a Type 2 diabetic, I have had many difficult days, and keep the Daily Affirmation below on my refrigerator to help me stay on track.


 To Access and Print a Copy of the Daily Affirmation 

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Just for Today: A Daily Diabetes Affirmation

Just for today, I will seek the serenity to accept that my pancreas has grown tired and can’t keep up with many of the foods I ate in the past.

Just for today, I will summon the courage to make small, positive changes and to protect my pancreas and health with foods that do not cause me or my pancreas harm.

Just for today, I will search within myself for answers and the wisdom to know what I need at every level:  body, mind and spirit,  and I will make decisions that support my pancreas and lead me towards vibrant health.

Just for today, I will take a few moments to be grateful for my amazing pancreas, and I will enjoy my life, living it to the fullest knowing that some days will not be perfect.

Just for Today, I will be confident in the knowledge that one day at a time I can make lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.  I will remember the words of Sir William Osler, a physician who remarked over 100 years ago:  “The way to live a long and happy life is to have a chronic disease and take care of it.”

Janet Sanders, Certified Health & Blood Sugar Coach
Founder, Blood Sugar Central

Type 2 Diabetic since 2001


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