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Welcome to the Newly Diagnosed Lounge

If you are  Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes or Insulin Resistance, my mission is to support and empower you to get off the blood sugar roller-coaster and heal your body so you can feel great and do the things you love.

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Get Started with our FREE Comprehensive Blood Sugar Toolkit

Going it alone is tough. But when you have education + coaching + group support you CAN eliminate the roadblocks that keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of high blood sugars, cravings, weight gain and frustration.




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Attempting to control Diabetes or lose weight without clearing away ALL the Roadblocks that get in your way is like trying to swim  the English Channel with one hand tied behind your back.


Exhausting and ultimately futile.

Clearing away the roadblocks with education, coaching  & ongoing support changes everything!
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