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 If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and your experience was anything like mine, you probably left your doctor’s office with a prescription, a few pamphlets and advice to watch what you eat. Nothing is the same and you are not sure what do about it. Getting control of diabetes will not happen overnight. But, there are a number of things that you can do now that can set you on a path towards controlling your condition and regaining your health.


In his book, “The Art of Getting Well”, David Spero, advises, “Make a change, any change at all…even small changes can produce large payoffs. This is a time when you might need to “fake it until you make it.” As a start, try selecting of the suggestions from the "10 Things You Can Do Today" guide. Remember, any change is a powerful step towards reaching your goal


And if you need more support, we welcome you to join other members in our coaching community  for peer support, workshops, like "Better Blood Sugars in 21 Days", recipe collections, product guides and more..... (all for less than $1 a day)


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