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Conquering Sugar,
Insulin Resistance & Diabetes Together.

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Are you tired of struggling to conquer sugar, end yo-yo weight gain, or get
blood sugars under control?

If you are ready to create a sugar free lifestyle with the support of others experiencing the same challenges....

I am excited to introduce you to the Sugar Free Coaching Club,

a coaching environment with everything you need for lasting results.

...affordably, with 24 X 7 access,  comaraderie, fun & no deprivation or dieting...

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Get Inspired Every Day in our Sugar Free Coaching Club Community

An important part of going sugar free is enjoying your life while doing it. I designed this Community with the Danish concept of Hyggee in mind. In essence, Hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Cosying up with a warm cup of tea or enjoying a beautiful sugar free meal – that's hygge, too.

Our FREE (but private) community is a great way to start or end your day while learning more about us & getting inspiration to go sugar free.​

  • Get daily tips, recipes & food ideas for snacks, meals and celebrations

  • Keep up with sugar free trends
    & products

  • Stay motivated with daily Inspiration and support from fellow members


The FREE community includes acces to our 2024 eBook bundle:

  •  The Roadmap to Sugar Free Vibrant Health eBook &

  • Easy Prep Recipes collection


The "Road Map to Sugar Free Vibrant Health" eBook introduces all the success strategies you need to Quit Sugar, Conquer Cravings, End Roller-Coaster Blood Sugars, Stop Dieting & Live a Life You Love! 


This is the blueprint for
change that I wish that
I had been given the
minute I walked out of
my doctor's office over
20 years ago, and I
am so excited to be
able to share it with
allof you.

Janet Sanders

Begin Your Journey with the  "Stop Struggling with Sugar" 


This workshop will get you into action mode to crush cravings, end constant hunger & identify the trigger foods keeping you stuck!

You will learn:

  • How to STOP cravings in their tracks 

  • How to Identify your trigger foods & put a plan in action to eliminate them

  • How to eat in harmony with how your body works to crush cravings

  • The difference between physical & emotional cravings

  • Why sugar increases cravings

  • How to take your next steps to sugar free vibrant health to get your life back for good!


JUST $27 

The Workshop includes Coaching Video, Self-Paced Workbook, Mini Food Guide, Private FB Group  PLUS LIVE Q&A Sessions  where you will receive coaching support and get your questions answered. 


Quit Sugar & Crush Cravings Workshop Dates

The Workshop is "Evergreen" --- You can start anytime that is convenient for you!! (with Q&A Sessions & coaching support)

Quit Sugar & Crush Cravings Workshop
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Keep Going with

OurMaster Class:

Break Free From Sugar

Create Your Sugar Free Lifestyle with

No Dieting or Deprivation!


No matter what your reasons are for quitting sugar or where you are in your jouney, the Coaching Club Master Class will show you how have a lifetime of living sugar free while crushing cravings, ending constant hunger & eliminating trigger foods. This offering includes:

  • 12 Week Break Free From Sugar Master Class with weekly and personal coaching support (Start whenever you want and work at your own pace)

  • Group Coaching with Weekly group coaching sessions to stay on track


The Master Class is based upon our 3 Phase Roadmap for Sugar Free Vibrant Health designed to guide you through your sugar free journey with step by step guidance and support all along the way.


All Classes, Materials, Videos Community Support are conveniently provided in our exclusive Sugar Free Coaching Club.

Stay Tuned: Registration Opens on 2/25
Country Style Kitchen

  Blood Sugar Central & The Sugar Free Coaching Club 
    Watch short video below to learn more.


Get a Fresh Start in in 2024 with Our Break Free from Sugar Master Class conveniently provided in the Sugar Free Coaching Club

The Break Free From Sugar Master Class PLUS Coaching Includes:

  • 3 Phase Break Free From The Sugar Blues Road Map (Evergreen, start anytime, work at your own pace)

  • Monthly Journal to track your progress

  • Access to eBook and Recipe Vaults

  • Coaching Support, including ongoing weekly coaching sessions

  • Member Events & Special Workshops

  • Private Coaching Community

  • Concierge Office Hours with Telephone Support

  • 1:1 Coaching is Available (Contact Janet for Scheduling Information & Costs)

Stay Tuned: Registration Opens on 2/25
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Have Questions?

Contact Us,
We Would Love to Hear from you. 

Sugar Free Workbook

Don't Forget Your eBooks!

Sugar Free Recipe ebook
Quit Sugar Workbook
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