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Next Quick Start Date : February 20th

 Everything in the 7 Day QuickStart is based upon BSC's exclusive Break Free From the Blood Sugar Blues Coaching Solution

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WELCOME: Review Getting Started Materials

  • Food Plan/Food List

  • Getting Started Assessment

  • Daily Journal  

  • Commitment Contract

  •  Instructions & Workbook


Day #3: Change Your Plate

  • Crowd Out: Rice, White Potatoes, 

  • Add In: 1 Healthy Protein & 1 Healthy Fat


Day #6: Be Prepared & Snack Smart

  • Crowd Out: Grains & Grain Based Pasta

  • Add In: Snack from Food List or 1 additional  Non-Starchy Vegetable

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DAY #1: Where Are You?

  • Complete Getting Started Assessment

  • Review Food Plan

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Day #4: Stay Hydrated

  • Crowd Out: Diet Drinks

  • Add In: Water, Tea (Natural Sweeteners & Flavorings)

  • + 30 Minutes of Movement


Day #7: Plan Next STeps

  • Re-assess: What changes did you make during the Challenge?

  • Create Your Goal Setting Vision

  • Continue to crowd out and add in the foods from days 2-6


Day #2: Learn How to Eat in Harmony with How Your Body Works

  • Crowd Out: Added Sugar High Glycemic Fruit

  • Add In: 1 non-starchy vegetable

Holiday Breakfast Guide.jpg

Day 5: Build a Better Breakfast

  • Crowd Out: Grain-Based Flour Products

  • Add In: "Break" Fast choice from Food List



  • Persistence Paid Off, you finished the Challenge.

  • It's time for your "Graduation" --ENJOY!!!

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