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Vanilla Cinnamon Mashed Sweet Potatoes


3 large sweet potatoes (or yams if you prefer)

½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon vanilla

Vanilla Liquid Stevia, Powdered Stevia or sweetener of choice (to taste)

Small amount of milk, half and half or dairy substitute such as Almond Milk (I generally use Land of Lakes Low Fat Half and Half) - Start with a small amount and add as needed as you are blending the potatoes to get a creamy texture.

1-2 tablespoons butter or butter alternative (optional)

(serves 4-6)

  • Bake sweet potatoes, with skins, on a cookie sheet at 375 degrees for about an hour until done (Pierce with fork to test doneness after about 45 minutes.) Or if you prefer, steam cubed sweet potatoes, without skins, in steamer until they are tender. (approx. 15-25 minutes.)

  • Let potatoes cool. Then cut baked sweet potatoes in half and scoop out the potato flesh and put in a large bowl. Discard the skins. (if steamed, cool and place in bowl.)

  • Add in the rest of the ingredients and mash the potato mixture with a potato masher. When blended, add the mixture to an electric blender or food processor and blend until the mixture is a smooth consistency. (add in batches if needed)

  • Spoon mixture into a casserole dish. Sprinkle top very lightly with some extra cinnamon.

  • Cover and bake for ½ hour to 40 minutes.

If desired, toast some chopped pecans and sprinkle them on top of the potatoes along with the cinnamon before baking.

For a dish that is really decadent, I add some light cream cheese to the mixture prior to blending in the food processor. It makes the potatoes really creamy and makes these sweet potatoes a real Thanksgiving treat.

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Unknown member
Oct 11, 2021

This is a great ppost

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