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Welcome to the ASK the Diabetes Coach BLOG

Welcome to the first installment of the ASK The DIABETES COACH BLOG.

My mission in creating the Virtual Diabetes Coaching Center is “To create a global coaching community dedicated to providing flexible and affordable coaching solutions that will empower individuals to normalize their blood sugars, heal their body, and experience vibrant health”.

You will notice that the center is not your typical web-site, it is designed to be a “place” where you can come whenever you need information, inspiration or some support to meet your everyday challenges in controlling blood sugars.

Because one of my primary goals is to provide unbiased sources of information and support to the millions of diabetics, pre-diabetics and individuals with blood sugar concerns, I wanted to create a blog in a format that would let you participate by sending in questions on topics that are important to you. After all, although I love writing the blog, it is not for me, it is for you.

So, in this blog, I will answer your questions about what to eat to control blood sugars, the best diabetes food products, tips for being prepared on the road, what you can do to relieve stress, or anything else that you might want to learn about.

I will have recipes here and in our CRAVE CONTROL KITCHEN as well.

You can use our contact form to submit questions, and together we will take the journey towards conquering diabetes. Since it is summer, I thought I would kick off with a question that a client recently asked about the best way to enjoy barbecues and summer parties, without going way off-track. Look for my answer and recipe for Summer Black Bean, Corn and Tomato Salad in my next Blog entry.

Thank you for being a visitor to the Virtual Diabetes Coaching Center. I hope you will visit often.



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